Welcome to my blog

Why start a blog?

As a technologist with a passion to explore unknown territories I have decided to share my journey as I deep dive into new and exciting topics (at least for me).

What can you expect?

Through my socials (or here on my portfolio/blog page) you can follow me as I will share interesting posts to the following series (as a start):

What sort of content will I focus on?

I see this blog as a forum for self growth, and so I envision my content will be rather technical. Luckily, my blog uses Markdown (I will post a entry regarding this soon! Stay tuned 👍). This allows me to do things such as this:

# Some random python code appeared!

isBlog = True
if isBlog == True:
  print("Awesome, this will be fun!")
  print("Bye bye!")

How cool is that? It definetly turned me on.

Topics in which I will most likely write about includes:

  • PySpark
  • Regex
  • Cron
  • Python
  • Markdown
  • Data Adoption
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science (potentially, I wanna learn more)

Blog schedule

Due to the nature of this being my first attempt to write blog material my ambitions to be overly active is quite small. However, I have a goal to start with at least 2 entries a month and scale up or down based on my time.

If you wish to follow my endevour as I write my thoughts and show you some tips and tricks, then please follow my on LinkedIn

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, or have any thoughts on content I should write about 😊

Oscar Dyremyhr
Oscar Dyremyhr

My interests include technology, programming and analytics.